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Partnering With Local and National Companies

The mind is undoubtedly the greatest asset we have. If the mind has a chemical imbalance, there are varying symptoms which could include chronic fatigue, irritability/anger, insomnia or nightmares, low motivation and poor concentration, alterations in appetite (high or low), and chronic worry. 

Why should employers care?

Mental health symptoms impact not only your employees home life, but every aspect of their life to include their work performance, productivity, and attendance. Untreated psychiatric symptoms account for up to $100 billion in indirect financial losses among companies in the US over the period of a year. 

Really, the question is can your company afford not to make employee mental health a priority?

Intrepid Mental Wellness partners with companies to assess the mental health climate among employees and assists in implementing a sustainable mental wellness program. The goal of this is to reduce stigma (which is the biggest barrier to treatment) by creating a culture of acceptance and encouragement of help. Companies that make their employee's mental health a top priority results in high rates of:

  • A positive work environment
  • Employees whose minds are strong and sharp, and have improved work productivity 
  • Decreased indirect financial losses from employee absenteeism, utilization of short-term disability for mental health symptoms, and improved work performance

Make your company stronger, and inquire about partnering with Intrepid Mental Wellness. 


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