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About Intrepid Mental Wellness, PLLC




Why Choose Intrepid Mental Wellness for your Psychiatry Medication Management?

Often brain and body conditions are separated. This means medical diagnoses (such as hypothyroidism, diabetes etc.) receive high priority in obtaining treatment, but often mental health symptoms go neglected, or under-treated. 

Intrepid Mental Wellness is dedicated to helping you make your mental and emotional well being the highest priority. and in doing so improve your quality of life. Your treatment is all about YOU! You are the expert on your symptoms and how they are impacting your life- we are here to listen and develop a care plan to help you move towards mental wellness. We aim to leverage technology via telemedicine to remove any barriers in obtaining treatment that may be present to include geographical and time restrictions- Yes, this means you can be seen virtually for your appointment from the comfort of your own home!



Treatment Philosophy

Mental health symptoms can stem from a complex interplay of environmental and genetic factors. The core treatment philosophy of Intrepid Mental Wellness is looking at the whole person in finding a path to wellness. Psychiatric medications is one of many possible elements needed for healing. Whole body wellness may include referrals for talk therapy or nutritional counseling, genetic testing (such as MTHFR mutations), environmental testing (mold, pesticides, heavy metals), and ruling out common medical problems as causative for symptoms (vitamin D deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, anemia). Receiving psychiatric medication management through Intrepid Mental Wellness means that you will be developing a lasting therapeutic relationship with your prescriber, and you have a key role in the development of your care plan.


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